The Wonder Years – Season 5 – Episode Guide

5.02 – Day One
October 9, 1991
Directed by: Daniel Stern / Written by: Denise Moss, Sy Dukane

On his first day of high school, Kevin quickly realizes that it is not quite the same as junior high where he knew everyone and was the high man on the totem pole. He is followed by an annoying classmate, bullied by Wayne, and picked on by an egotistical teacher.

5.09 – Christmas Party
December 11, 1991
Directed by: Jim McBride / Written by: Sy Dukane, Denise Moss

With the holidays approaching, the Arnolds get ready to host their annual Christmas party. However, this year’s party will become memorable … for all the wrong reasons.

5.16 – Double Double Date
February 26, 1992
Directed by: Peter Baldwin / Written by: Sy Rosen, Mark B. Perry

When Kevin develops a crush on the new Swedish exchange student, he asks Winnie to help fix him up on a date with her. In return, Winnie asks Kevin to fix her up with a new student that is in one of his classes. Things get interesting when they are all forced to double date to the spring dance.

5.17 – Hero
March 11, 1992
Directed by: Stephen Cragg / Written by: David Greenwalt

With McKinley High making a run in the state basketball playoffs, Kevin takes an interest in the team and has a new hero in star player Bobby Riddle. However, when Bobby has a letdown, Kevin learns a valuable lesson in a what a hero really is.

5.18 – Lunch Stories
March 18, 1992
Directed by: Ken Topolsky / Written by: Sy Dukane, Denise Moss

We follow several different stories during the course of one lunch period at William McKinley Senior High. Wayne Arnold tries to win a bet by finding the true identity of a kid known only as Maniac. Kevin is asked by Winnie to donate blood for the school blood drive, and is also hooked into trying to sneak out of school to see an X-rated film with his friends.

5.23 – Back to the Lake
May 6, 1992
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Mark Levin

As summer begins, Kevin is dismayed that almost all the fun of previous summers is gone. All his friends are working summer jobs, and his Dad wants him to do the same. Feeling that the world has turned on him, Kevin and Paul head back up to the Lake, where Kevin hopes to find a girl he met at the Lake a year earlier.

5.24 – Broken Hearts and Burgers
May 13, 1992
Directed by: Ken Topolsky / Written by: Craig Hoffman

A misunderstanding at a burger joint causes Winnie to give Kevin the cold shoulder. Kevin tries to patch things up, while remembering the moments that brought Winnie both closer and away from him.