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The Wonder Years – Season 4 – Episode Guide

4.01 – Growing Up
September 19, 1990
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Bob Brush

With the end of the summer approaching, the Arnolds decide to attend Jack’s Labor Day work picnic. When it is learned that Jack was passed over for a promotion that goes to one of his rivals, tensions grow high between him and Kevin, who wants to prove that he is no longer a little kid.

4.02 – Ninth Grade Man
September 26, 1990
Directed by: Daniel Stern / Written by: Jill Gordon

On his first day of the ninth grade, Kevin is bullied out of his locker, humiliated by Becky Slater, scheduled for the wrong class, and meets a new girl who diverts his attention away from thinking of Winnie Cooper who is now at a different school.

4.03 – The Journey
October 3, 1990
Directed by: Peter Werner / Written by: Jeffrey Stepakoff

Hearing that some 10th-Grade girls are having a slumber party, Kevin, Paul and the guys travel across town in the dark of night to try and get in on the action.

4.05 – It’s a Mad, Mad, Madeline World
October 24, 1990
Directed by: Rob Thompson / Written by: Eric Gilliland, Jeffrey Stepakoff

Kevin receives an I.D. bracelet from Winnie Cooper as a present. The next day, Kevin is assigned to work on a French assignment with an attractive girl named Madeline. However, after working on their project at her house, Kevin rushes out in a panic, leaving Winnie’s bracelet behind. Now Kevin has to get the bracelet back in time for his date with Winnie the next night. But how?

4.08 – The Sixth Man
November 28, 1990
Directed by: Nick Marck / Written by: David Chambers

When Paul decides to try out for the basketball team, Kevin is convinced that he is just wasting his time. However, when he ends up making the team and his basketball skills improve, it creates a strain in their friendship.

4.10 – The Candidate
January 9, 1991
Directed by: Neal Israel / Written by: David Chambers, Eric Gilliland

With Becky Slater as the only candidate for Student Council President, Paul convinces Kevin to run a campaign against her. With the deadline approaching and way behind, Kevin is tempted to use less-than-honest measures to try and win the election.

4.11 – Heartbreak
January 23, 1991
Directed by: Andy Tennant / Written by: David Chambers

Both Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper’s schools are having a joint field trip to the local museum. Kevin figures this will be a great chance to spend some time together with Winnie, but things don’t turn out as he planned.

4.12 – Denial
January 30, 1991
Directed by: Richard Masur / Written by: Mark Levin, David Chambers

After getting dumped by Winnie, Kevin begins to doubt whether it is really over between them. In hopes of getting her back, he convinces Paul to throw a party and invite Winnie. However, things don’t go as planned when Winnie decides to bring her new beau, Roger.

4.20 – The Accident
April 24, 1991
Directed by: Richard Masur / Written by: Jill Gordon

After breaking up two months ago, Kevin sees Winnie for the first time. However, it becomes obvious to him that she has changed and is no longer the same girl that he knew growing up. When he sees that she is now hanging around with 11th graders in cars, he worries that he is nothing more than a piece of her past.

4.22 – Graduation
May 8, 1991
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Bob Brush

On the eve of his graduation from Junior High, Kevin is excited about entering high school next year with Winnie and Paul. However, those feelings change when Paul announces that he will be attending a prep school next year. He begins to fear that his world will change after graduation.