The Wonder Years – Season 3 – Episode Guide

3.01 – Summer Song
October 3, 1989
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Mark B. Perry

The Arnold family and Paul Pfeiffer travel to Ocean City for a little fun in the sun. However, once there, no one really seems to be having any. Paul’s allergies flare up, and Wayne and Karen’s attitudes are making it nothing like the family trips from long ago. Kevin is still stinging from the news the Winnie Cooper has a new boyfriend, until he meets a cute (but older) girl named Teri.

3.02 – Math Class
October 10, 1989
Directed by: Andy Tennant / Written by: Tom Gammill, Max Pross

Kevin is having problems in his new math class, and he thinks that it’s because his teacher is completely unreasonable.

3.03 – Wayne on Wheels
October 24, 1989
Directed by: Beth Hillshafer / Written by: Mark B. Perry

Wayne finally gets his driver’s license, but doesn’t sit well with his new job of driving Kevin and Paul around.

3.04 – Mom Wars
October 31, 1989
Directed by: Daniel Stern / Written by: Todd W. Langen

When Mom grows concerned about Kevin playing rough in touch football after school, Kevin has to make a choice.

3.05 – On the Spot
November 7, 1989
Directed by: Matia Karrell / Written by: Matthew Carlson

Kevin joins the school play just to get out of Gym class, while Winnie and Paul seem to take it very seriously. Winnie has problems with her performance, and Kevin unexpectedly helps her during the show.

3.06 – Odd Man Out
November 14, 1989
Directed by: Peter Baldwin / Written by: David M. Stern

When Kevin and Paul have a disagreement, they decide to find new best friends. Kevin starts hanging around with Doug Porter while Paul befriends Brady Ryland.

3.07 – The Family Car
November 21, 1989
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Debra Frank, Jack Weinstein

The Arnold Family’s car seems to be on it’s last legs, but Dad just can’t bring himself around to buy a new car for the family.

3.08 – The Pimple
November 28, 1989
Directed by: Matia Karrell / Written by: David M. Stern, Todd W. Langen

Just when the Pruitts and their daughter Gina are coming to visit, Kevin gets struck by the most debilitating thing to ever hit a teenager: a pimple! With only a few days until the Pruitts arrive, Kevin resorts to all kinds of methods to get rid of the unsightly blemish.

3.09 – Math Class Squared
December 12, 1989
Directed by: Daniel Stern / Written by: Matthew Carlson

While still having problem in his math class, Kevin makes the decision that the only way to get good grades is to cheat.

3.10 – Rock ‘n Roll
January 2, 1990
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Bob Stevens

New student Larry Beeman turns Kevin on to the wonders of rock and roll. Pretty soon, Kevin purchases his own guitar and is rocking with Larry and his band.

3.11 – Don’t You Know Anything About Women?
January 16, 1990
Directed by: Jeff Brown / Written by: Tammy Ader

Kevin wants to ask Susan Fisher to the next school dance, but can’t find the courage. Wanting to help him out, his lab partner Linda offers to go with him, ‘as friends.’

3.13 – She, My Friend and I
February 6, 1990
Directed by: Peter Baldwin / Written by: Kerry Ehrin

Paul and his girlfriend Carla have a falling out. Wanting to make his friend feel better, Kevin offers to set Paul up with Winnie. At first Kevin is happy about the idea, but after awhile, he begins to wonder if he’s made a mistake.

3.14 – The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
February 13, 1990
Directed by: Matia Karrell / Written by: Mark B. Perry

On Valentine’s Day with Winnie upset at him, Kevin decides to send her a valentine to try and win her over. However his plan goes awry when the valentine is accidentally delivered to Becky Slater, who then thinks that Kevin wants her back.

3.16 – The Glee Club
February 27, 1990
Directed by: Jim McBride / Written by: Bob Brush, Todd W. Langen

The 8th Grade Boys Glee Club can’t seem to carry a tune, but a new teacher named Miss Haycock is determined to rectify that.

3.17 – Night Out
March 13, 1990
Directed by: Dan Lauria / Written by: Tammy Ader

Newly coupled Kevin and Winnie are pressured into attending a notorious make-out party. While at the party, it seems just like any other 8th grade party … until the lights get turned off.

3.18 – Faith
March 27, 1990
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Bob Brush, Matthew Carlson

Kevin is forced to ponder life and death after he’s asked to write his obituary for a school assignment. Jack Arnold is facing the annual burden of tax season, and Norma usually does most of the work, but she “faces death” when she loses all the receipts for the year. All the while, astronauts on Apollo 13 also face death in space.

3.19 – The Unnatural
April 17, 1990
Directed by: Nick Marck / Written by: Ian Gurvitz

Kevin is persuaded the the baseball coach to try out for the team. But for some reason, even though he’s not playing as well as some of the other players he keeps making it to the next cut. Is because he’s better than he thought or could it have something to do with the fact that Kevin’s dad saved the coach’s life when they were in the war together?

3.20 – Goodbye
April 24, 1990
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Bob Brush

Kevin’s grades in Mr Collin’s Math class are not that good. After talking to Kevin, Mr Collins suggests that he could give him extra lessons to help him on the upcoming test. Kevin seems to be getting better, until one day when Mr Collins fails to show up.

3.22 – Daddy’s Little Girl
May 8, 1990
Directed by: Jim McBride / Written by: Todd W. Langen, Mark B. Perry

Karen’s 18th birthday is coming up and everybody in the Arnold household is preparing for it but her. But is it because she doesn’t want such a pointless traditional or because she’s not ready for it?

3.23 – Moving
May 16, 1990
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Jill Gordon, Bob Brush

When Jack finds dry rot in the house, the mention of moving out gets Kevin worried. But after those worries a squashed, Jack lets it slip out that the Coopers are moving away instead. In order to secure their relationship, Kevin buys Winnie a ring, but Winnie decides that it’s best to face the inevitable and just break up. Kevin decides to attend Karen’s graduation from high school instead of watching Winnie leave.